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Toraji Tamagawa Takashimaya S.C.Toraji Tamagawa Takashimaya S.C.
48 reviews
Yakiniku | Futakotamagawa, Tokyo 23 Ward

Important Note/重要說明
※Even if the online reservation is full, you may be able to prepare your seat if you can call us.即使在線預訂已滿,如果您可以通過電話與我們聯繫,您也可以準備好座位.
★How to The TORAJI barbecue style.Please check it !http://www.ebisu-toraji.com/en/howto/
This elegant yet nostalgic atmosphere is designed with the aim of providing a place for our female patrons to relax and enjoy yakiniku BBQ. We hope you will enjoy this new style of Toraji dining, where East meets West. We also offer private-room dining so guests, such as those with families, can relax and enjoy themselves without having to worry about disturbing others. Take better care of yourself and your health by eating a perfectly balanced meal of tasty meat and vegetables while enjoying the spectacular views we offer. We look forward to serving you. More

Moti FutakotamagawaMoti Futakotamagawa
1 review
Indian | Futakotamagawa, Tokyo 23 Ward